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May 24, 2019

Is Epoxy Flooring Right for Your Space?

Seamless, epoxy flooring is durable enough to use in industrial applications but can also have wide-ranging decorative uses, while providing the same features that give it long-lasting performance.

With epoxy flooring you can create artistic effects, access unlimited colours and designs, and include decorative aspects like encapsulating objects, creating a glitter effect, or having a floor as natural looking as a pebbled beach. Seamless, epoxy flooring gives you much greater flexibility than other flooring systems. In addition, it’s easier to clean and prevents bacterial growth due to its structure and the fact that epoxy is not a food source for bacteria. Easy cleaning and maintenance also helps with your janitorial costs.

Proper Epoxy Flooring Installation is Critical to its Success

One of the most important factors to keep in mind with epoxy flooring is the installation. In order to benefit from the look and performance factors you desire, the flooring system must be installed correctly. Substrate preparation is essential prior to the application of a decorative epoxy flooring system. The quality of your installer is every bit as important as the quality of the product you choose.


Liquid Elements, a brand of Stonhard, draws on nearly a century of experience in formulating and installing resinous floors. We bring seamless designs in dramatic looks to commercial interiors around the world. Contact us to talk about the right decorative flooring system for your space.