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May 29, 2019

What's Better than Polished Concrete? Poured, Resilient Floors!

We recognize the appeal of a polished concrete floor – customers are often drawn to its simple, yet elegant design. However, for a commercial environment to run efficiently, it needs a floor that meets both form and function – a quality that polished concrete floors lack.

While aesthetics are important, resiliency and durability play equal roles in the design of a floor. Failure to recognize these needs can result in disgruntled employees who have back or leg pain from standing on them all day or visitors who grow equally fatigued while shopping or touring your facility. In addition, polished or stained concrete can be difficult to maintain. Eventually you may want to replace your floors, but that will cost you additional money and shut down your operations, so how can this be avoided?

1. Don’t Skimp on Features:
If you are going to spend money on a new floor – spend it well. While it may be cheaper to spend on a floor that just looks great, chances are, it will not perform great. Saving money on an initially cheaper floor can result in heavier maintenance and repair costs down the line. Make sure the floor has the long-lasting properties it needs for it to stand up to the conditions of your environment before purchase, even if it costs slightly more – this will save you time, money, and resources.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask:
A good flooring company will have a team of knowledgeable designers and architectural representatives that can help you assess your needs. Tell them about the conditions of your space; whether your employees need to stand for long periods of time throughout the day, or if your surface often comes in contact with liquids – this way, they will know to recommend floors that can meet the demands required.

3. Listen to your Employees:
Often, an employee complaint or grievance can be overlooked by a company – make sure this is not the case in your commercial space. If your employees are complaining about leg fatigue, trouble standing for long periods of time, or other issues relating to the floor, it is time to replace it. Employees are a company’s greatest asset, so it is of the utmost importance to provide them with an environment that can boost their productivity and keep them satisfied, which in turn will eliminate potential turnovers.

Yes, You Can Have the Design You Want with the Features You Need
Poured-in-place, seamless, resilient flooring systems can achieve the same look of polished concrete, but give you the features you need to run a successful business. Liquid Elements’ Smooth Duo offers complementary or contrasting colour blends with a rich finish and provides resiliency for comfort underfoot as well as scratch resistance. It’s easy to clean and maintain too. Learn more here.