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May 17, 2019

Things to Consider About Floor Scrubbing Machines

The best method for cleaning seamless, decorative floors is to using a commercial automatic floor scrubber or floor cleaning machine. While this can be an investment, in the long-run you can save time and money on floor maintenance while keeping your floors looking like new.

Your square footage will be one of the determining factors on which floor scrubber to purchase. For instance, areas larger than 5,000 sq.ft. will likely require a different model than a smaller space or a narrow space.

Next, your flooring type will also determine factors about the machine or machine accessories you will need.

Some manufacturers offer a live demonstrations of their scrubbers so that you can learn more about the product, see how it works, and even customize the machine to the specifications you need.

Floor scrubbers come in many options including:

• Walk-behind scrubbers
• Ride-On scrubbers
• Autonomous scrubbers (robot scrubbers)
• Scrubbers that reduce detergent use.
• Scrubbers that minimize water usage.

Some manufacturers have service representatives available to fix issues and maintain your commercial scrubber.

How Do I Clean My Liquid Elements Flooring System?

Liquid Elements flooring systems come with product data sheets that give recommended cleaning procedures as well as cleaning products. You can review these resources here. Also, A Liquid Elements representative is always available to answer any questions you have about cleaning and maintaining your floors.