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How Flooring Can Help with LEED Certification

The LEED Rating System

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the primary green building rating system used around the world. LEED encourages sustainable building projects that commit to energy efficiency, good health, and cost savings. Buildings can qualify for four levels of LEED certification: Certified: 40–49 points. Silver: 50-59 points. Gold: 60-79 points. The points can be achieved in five building categories: Building Design and Construction, Interior Design and Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Homes, and Neighborhood Development. 

The Benefits of LEED Certification

There are a number of benefits that are associated with LEED certification. These include: reducing energy and water usage as well as maintenance and operation costs, decreasing waste during construction, improving indoor air quality, creating a better environment for employees and thereby positively affecting performance, satisfaction, and retention, increasing the use of recycled materials, and promoting sustainability and attracting those who value it.

How Liquid Elements Flooring Can Help You Achieve LEED Credits

There are several ways that Liquid Elements flooring systems can help you achieve LEED credits: by refurbishing existing floors, by diverting construction and demolition debris from disposal in landfills, by incorporating recycled materials into our products, by meeting the LEED standard for low VOCs. To learn more about how to achieve LEED credits with Liquid Elements flooring, visit our Sustainable Solutions page.

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